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copy and paste it, toot it yourself, and then pin that and pretend it was your own

dont call yourself a tankie unless youve 100%'d sex with stalin 😤​

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*does a gay little dance before a smoke bomb appears and i disappear*

Does anyone by chance know how to be rid someone of a poisonous goblin bite?

White Girls be like "I have crackhead energy" and then say slurs

I love how my girlfriend and I go back and forth wih "I love you more"s. Gays, is it possible for two people to love each other an equal amount?

USPol, Debate 

being gay isn't a choice it's a BLESSING

This is the same thing with plastic dinosaurs and dinosaur chicken nuggies

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Aside from tasting absolutely fucking delicious, candy corn is poetic. To make candy corn, you take corn and extract corn syrup, which is then formed into the shape of corn, and yet a trace of the true self exists within the false self.

Does anyone else have an old friend that they haven't seen in ages but occasionally send them shitposts?

I like @julia It's a cool person, and recently it made some really funny toots. I always smile when I see its toots on the timeline. I hope Julia appreciates itself as much as I do

These skeletons are a cover band for The Growlers, but only their spooky songs. Tag yourself, I'm Terry

To folx in long-distance relationships, do you ever just get the urge to smooch your partner so much that your lips start to tingle and you can almost feel their skin on your mouth and it’s like a magnetic pull across hundreds of miles???

until like 2 months ago i thought vtubers were just like

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