In Jojo's Bizarre Adventures Part 5: Golden Wind, the letter A can be seen in some scenes on the belt buckle of the character, Abbacchio. This could be a subtle easter egg to the fact that his name is Abbacchio.


I think about the "Giorno Vs. Diavolo But Italian" video a lot...

When I type 1. at the beginning of my toot it doesn't appear.

Really like the phrase “some guys have dicks too” like it’s good to have a reminder sometimes ya kno.

I dont understand why anyone would be straight

video games are bad when you keep dying at them.. just my two sense.....

when u don't notice a typo until sometime else faved/boosted it 😬


If Jonathan Joestar had listened to Sono Chi No Sadame in the 1890's, his brain would've exploded.

Me: Oh no Ivy Fae is just a name, I'm not actually a fae haha
Also me after it rains slightly: I must go stand by a tree and simply vibe and be mysterious

gays, is it fellas to wear a watch

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