actually im tired and its late i need to sleep for class... i hope everyone has a nice day/night!! make sure to hydrate, eat and take ur meds! :doge:

me being interviewed:

wait what are we doing

im the one character from season 1 that disappeared and only came back in the most recent season, either you know me front to back or you've never heard of me and thats super valid

we ship flat eric and a nice sandwich... tag who/what you would be shipped with if efdn was a sitcom/soap/mockumentary/isekai/some existing source of material

we’re the more successful spinoff of the cancelled berries sitcom

as the resident antagonist i must say the last few eps failed to give me a fufilling redemption arc . i will now be evil

Mr. Hawk munches on some gamer bread to get his energy up before the big skate tournament ASMR

Mr. Hawk applies for skateboard insurance ASMR

back at it its cute im cryign at the disc rroo ove r myf rien dssn s s

cant believe the next arc is jut abt resurrecting lilly

@Pchooooo its okay you helped to contribute to someone's character development im sure

they brought a character back from the dead? man, this season of efdn’s really jumping the shark/joke

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