They should do the thing where they completely reinterpret the joker to be edgier every couple years but for austin powers

@Paul [a slow acoustic version of soul boss nova plays] "I used to think life was all about shagging... about partying baby. But now I realised... life aint so groovy!"

@biohazard @Paul alternatively instead of getting edgy he gets horny or kinky.

And each time he's played by a different person and it gets worse and worse until he has "Shagadelic" tattooed on his forehead.

@Paul @biohazard Trying to reinvent Mr Powers as a sex crazed maniac, I think that fits :)

@Paul yes. but also they keep reinterpreting the joker and he gets sillier and sillier until we have an Austin Powers-esque Joker and a Dark Knight Joker-esque Austin Powers.

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