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i see "emmy 2020 news" and i think: there are emmy? what da heck??

No better way to get kids to go to sleep then to remind them they could be KILLED

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My sister used to have a My Little Pony toy that would say a bedtime prayer but it was the prayer that goes "if i die before i wake, i pray my soul the lord to take" which is pretty dark retrospect?

re: pc stuff 

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pc stuff 

re: uspol 

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steam achievement analytics are really interesting to me.

like, an achievement for starting the game will be achieved by like 95% of players but then the achievement for finishing the tutorial will be like 78%.

like damn, 17% of people stopped playing before they even finished the tutorial, and 5% didn't even hit play.

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female characters have been able to tell when real Rick logs in

even though online school can be a bit of a pain, having the option to get ahead on classwork so i have a lighter workload next week is pretty friggin epic

School, complaining, open letter to my professors 

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School, complaining 

re: windows garbage 

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windows garbage 

re: ffxiv shitpost 

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