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it's interesting how so many people regard tetris as a perfect game when you cant even romance the tetrominos

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why is Vision from marvel comic called that. is it because he can see. thats a shitty superpower most of them can do that

loop hero comes out in like two and a half hours and im not sure if i wanna wait and play it tonight or just go to sleep and play it in the morning so i can fully appreciate it

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@Paul gives "take the L" a whole new meaning

it's interesting how so many people regard tetris as a perfect game when you cant even romance the tetrominos

i'll never be able to understand how people can look at the upcoming pieces in tetris while also playing the game

maybe my brain doesn't have enough ram to play a game like tetris

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Going on Tumblr and seeing real person ship art from someone i dont follow of a fandom im not in because their promoted posts algorithm sucks

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honestly the end of ffxiv 1.x is one of the greatest things ever

like yknow the calamity thats mentioned and is a big part of the backstory in current ffxiv?

yeah that actually happened in game pretty much

this cinematic?

the battle in it? that was an actual FATE type event, the eorzean side there represents actual player characters

the moon falling down happened gradually over time, players theorizing about what was going on and getting answers with story updates up until the end of the game

not one to get hyped about games that aren't released yet but playing Loop Hero's demo gripped me in a way that other games haven't in a long time.

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didn't know anything about Loop Hero up until a couple weeks ago and now im anticipating it so much that the remaining two days before it's release feel like decades

Carcinisation but for generations eventually evolving into boomers

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Social media gives us a valuable lens to watch as millenials slip further into becoming the new boomer generation with every passing year

only remembered about them because i'm excited for Loop Hero and that's basically a single player auto battler

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remember a year or two ago when everyone thought auto battlers like dota underlords were going to be the next big competitive multiplayer genre? what happened to those games, it feels like they just kinda disappeared

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