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there's a bad word and it's "peel"
such a nasty awful word

Genital joke 

when someone sends a video to a groupchat and it's like, you're really gonna make me put my earbud in just to watch this sans undertale meme

re: code vein spoilers, very long 

code vein spoilers, very long 

I love when people make negative steam reviews for games they have 500 hours in.

Like, those first 499 hours were beautiful and kept them gripped throughout but hour 500... that one just totally ruined the whole experience.

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(Genital mention, also bad) The pope be like 

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@Paul and add a random goal at the end
"Collect all golden rhomboids next time!"

Make a linear game with a single ending but after the credits, show a "Bad end" screen just to fuck with people.

(Genital mention, also bad) The pope be like 

thinking about mario saying if i do drugs i'm gonna go to hell before i die

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wip, uncaptioned 

those comics where they depict global historical events but the nations are just like, blobs colored like their national flag are so uncomfortable. It's like Hetalia without the anime boys

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