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i am sooooooo quirky + being a normal guy


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@Paul is pretty much the best boyfriend I could've ever asked for :blobcatmeltlove:

lucky for me, all of the omori plushes sold out before i could make a bad monetary decision

oh no, omori plushes just went on sale and i want to buy all of them,,,

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What the hell, i didn't know about this whole-ass area in Hollowknight (potential visual spoilers)

Why does twitter keep recommending merryweather comics, 'based on your likes' more like based on my HATES

I love my omori space bunny pfp, it's very special and makes me glad to see it :SPACE_BUNNY:

Im just sitting around doin nothing tonight, considering making coffee so i can sit around and do nothing + be filled with caffeine :)

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I've always been curious what the deal is with signatures. I have dysgraphia so i tend to just write my name out as best i can for my signatures, i know most people do a funky cursive-y thing for theirs but i never really got it. Is that something people practice for? Like do you prep to go to the DMV or whatever by practicing how you write your signature?

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