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linus tech tip? more like a callus, your hostility only hardens my resolve.

Yes, I am now invincible, i can laugh at how tiny this stinky little man is

Only referring to Alliance and Horde as the "good guys" and "bad guys" to piss off WoW nerds

4th of july musing 

with twewy getting an animated series, i hope early 2000's japanese street grunge becomes a popular aesthetic for video games again, i would love a new jet set radio game

This day isn't about america, its about the funy 4Kids characters singing the national anthem and absolutely nothing else

If i were a video game character, grip strength of a nematode would be the only information in my description

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My special power is having the grip strength of a nematode


uspol, weird musing about shitty people 

give us back the scary spider arms and gigantic dinner plate hands

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the only thing i dont like about the twewy animated series trailer is that they nerfed the fucked up limb proportions.

what a downgrade

Mark my words, at some point in the future they're gonna launch a new Fred series on netflix or something as nostalgia bait for shitty early youtube videos. This will happen literally as soon as we forget about the terrible nickelodeon movies

Eueueuuehe this is my 6000th post, guess i am epic after all...

Relationships thing, slightly negative 

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Relationships thing, slightly negative 

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