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i wish genshin impact would have a better borderless windowed option, i hate how it minimizes when i change tabs

last boost, paul bot is producing banger post after banger post tonight

starting a yes cover band called The Goot Splooters

why did my college's english class teach me APA when every class i've taken since requires MLA

something about terrible gamer t-shirts is so intoxicating

like what are these even supposed to mean


watching as every single adobe product is slowly choked out by superior programs built by smaller dev teams for less money will never not feel therapeutic to me

A happy halloween 2018 to all my delicious followers

Steampunk and electro swing music are inextricably linked in my mind


payday 2 


i don't know if i've ever heeded a proposition 65 warning, it seems like they put them on literally anything for the smallest reasons


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