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Stress-tested my computer's components today to see if i could isolate the crashing issue i've been having.

Couldnt make it crash in any of the tests, maybe the problem isn't hardware related at all?

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thinking of the person who had a meltdown in the yelp reviews of a medieval times (the theme restaurant/show) about how it had been ruined by sjws and wokeness


lb: my bot routinely making better posts than me

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Catch me chilling in the family guy dead pose.

Why dont you log(x) some bitches

I wanna be kin assigned a puyo but i've never played any of the games 👉👈

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i wanna know what whichever dev at microsoft that programmed the update notifications thinks "remind me tomorrow" means because i swear i've clicked this button 4 times in the last 8 hours

i think one of the smartest and most endearing examples of good characterization was Araki choosing to make Jotaro Kujo a marine biologist, like yeah this character that's written as a massively overpowered tactical genius also just happens to be really passionate about dolphins and sea turtles, what of it

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you're a god damn bathroom challenge (gone sexual!)

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there's a megablox subreddit, which is on the toilet

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Hate when my lizard wizard album is quite "yeet"

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when someone sends a video of elon musk's fat ass cheeses:

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Envious of folks who are mad about it and embrace it fully

i think the objectively worst form of art is those "polandball" comics that redditors make where it's basically literally just hetalia but the countries are all poorly drawn balls and all the "foreign" countries (that is to say any country that isn't the US, Canada, or Britain) are written with mildly racist "accents" that are reminiscent of the baby talk people use to personify their pets

Clicking on exactly 1 TF2 video is enough for youtube to flood your recommendations with nothing but TF2 videos for the next 2 years

ttrpg planning, advice welcome 

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