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i fuckin hate my math textbook, it feels like it was written to simulate the feeling of wading through bog sludge while answering jeopardy questions

luckily, other than my math final im not really too worried about my finals this semester, which is surprising because the semester has really kicked my ass in terms of workload

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ugh, wish my classes could have ended like one week sooner, then i wouldn't have to worry about finals while starting endwalkers lmao

Lmao every time i try to watch my spotify wrapped the app just crashes

ffxiv character lore 

i keep seeing the main character of that subway midnight game and thinking it's omori


:ablobcatbongo:​ <- i love a bass with the end of wife plan?

finally, a mech show that's about the characters.
finally, a horror movie without jump scares.
finally, genre but i've elevated it out of genre so i don't have to admit to liking or engaging with genre.

Asmongold and Linus tech tips arent the same guy???

the "i always choose female characters in games, for the eye candy :P" guy to transgirl pipeline

nothing makes me more mad than yehuda devir's comics, i don't even know why, just seeing them makes my blood boil they're like a perfect storm of heteronormative narcissistic "quirky" millennial "humor" and i fucking hate it

re: ffxiv spoilers for the end of all the shadowbringers patches 

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ffxiv spoilers for the end of all the shadowbringers patches 

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