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Teeth joke story 

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if i ever say some shit that seems iffy or wrong tell me and ill try to rectify it cause i dont wanna be mean or cancelled

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be sure to bring your gf handfuls of teeth so she can crunch on them daily!!!

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this bitch really thought i didnt know mead was made from honey

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hate how often people explain things i already know

i think its pretty cringe that juila called us cringe

oh wait shit then i guess i am cringe? peer pressure is hard

twitter is only now experiencing pizzahutTacobell, soon wound cube...

talking about weight 

being 4'9 means everyone thinks your a 12 year old but you can also go into vents and scare people when they realize you can deadlift their body weight. 12 year old but can throw down

never realized how blatantly anti capitalist toon town is

oh wait lol i thought we got rid of .social a long time ago

why do so many people think that energy drinks like monster and bang have toxic waste on them, im always seeing conspiracy theories
i even saw someone say that putting bang in a drug test makes everything come back positive

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