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Teeth joke story 

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if i ever say some shit that seems iffy or wrong tell me and ill try to rectify it cause i dont wanna be mean or cancelled

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talking about a kink 

there was a misunderstanding at the microwaves today at work and i think i looked like an ass but i dont think i was in the wrong

new rule, all efdn users are required to listen to mr blue sky at least once


I want to write the gayest western

I want it so gay it makes Brokeback Mountain look like The National Review

I want it banned, burned, illegal in Mississippi

I want the straights terrified to wear cowboy boots

I want the word โ€œspursโ€ to cause entire rooms of people to blush

I'm the werewolf vendor, I have all these werewolves in very tiny glass jars with a leaf in them and some holes cut out, please buy some werewolves

McDonalds sprite tastes like licking a car battery

i think the dudes in fight club were really onto something. just having a fuckin fist fight with your bros for no reason other than to fight. like, nothing personal, no arguing afterwards, just a fight for the sake of fightin. good ol wrassle

brรถther may hรคve little รค รถats, as a trรซรคt

is a vibe check when you check on the status of someone's current vibe, or is it like, a check ON someone's vibe like a checks-and-balances kind of check

yall ever get a fresh glass of orange juice and just,,, orn joog

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