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if i ever say some shit that seems iffy or wrong tell me and ill try to rectify it cause i dont wanna be mean or cancelled

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guys if i just copy the dictionary into the description of my youtube video then it will show up no matter what someone searches

hey so like, if i find something that does everything soylent does but is cheaper, would it be bad for me to love off it?

now wait just a damn minute. i know where to get nic free coffee flavored vape. i also know where to get flavorless caffeinated vape... i can just vape my coffee guys

oh look the hypertwink has bad pizza opinions

disinfect my phone? what next? clean my ass?

elon musk stole my actual name for his stupid company so now i cant name my company tesla. hes completely ruined my name. i was gonna make a prosthetic company called Tesla. but NO this capitalist had to make cars

june bringing me everywhere she goes: this is my emotional support tess

its kinda cute when kids who have been taught not to hurt themselves do that thing they see on shows where someome bangs their head out of frustration. but they do it really soft and slow cause they know hurting yourself is bad

Me online: (posts a story about how Americans are spending more time working than peasants in the dark ages. This is a real thing)

A bootlicker: They didn't have cars or cell phones.

Me: Yeah, why are we still working harder in a world that has such great labor-saving devices?

why hasnt black mirror done an ep about a dude having cyber sex with his own mom? like they both (unknowingly to each other) play the same online vr game. then they meet, like each other, after while they fuck. i even have a whole twist planned out in my head about how they could keep it from us that theyre related. then suddenly a switch of camera angle and BOOM. Oedipus.

"hunter warrior" is the stupidist "this sounds really badass" job name ive ever heard

also the concept that this sweet little inocent girl, who just risked her life trying to save a puppy, is totally ok with outright murdering 3 people in under 5 minutes is fucking jarring

aleta battle angle is just another "born pretty yesterday" and its disgusting. who ever plays her cant act and the fucking "flow" of the movie moves about as smoothly as a washboard

dropped a full-ass can directly onto my toe and making the redead sound from OoT

my favorite spiderman thing is young spidermen putting on a tought guy brooklyn accent even when they dont remotely have a brooklyn accent

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