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Teeth joke story 

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if i ever say some shit that seems iffy or wrong tell me and ill try to rectify it cause i dont wanna be mean or cancelled

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british porn be like "shag me up the arse" and im imagining the kinda pervert that gets off on that

mom said its my turn to make fun of the british

all of my content it about eating things you shouldnt cause i have ✨sensory issues✨

if i bite into a nice fresh kirby and they dont taste at least mostly pink i will be upset

hope a lot of people continue to wear masks after the pandemic

Reject modernity (hang out) embrace tradition (go play)

white spy looking like a fuckin salt shaker out here

fun fact: 'king' comes from the etymon of 'kin' and a suffix related to the gerund '-ing'. so it's etymologically the same as 'kinning'

drug mention 

be sure to bring your gf handfuls of teeth so she can crunch on them daily!!!

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