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Teeth joke story 

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if i ever say some shit that seems iffy or wrong tell me and ill try to rectify it cause i dont wanna be mean or cancelled

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i am at the taco bell
i am at the KFC
i am at the pizza hut
i am at the combonation taco bell, KFC, pizza hut

who the fuck is will and why does everyone want his power?

got a cut on my finger at work. im gonna sue Amazon for workers comp

game theory: toxic masculinity is the cause of every problem ever

its amazing how much the warning posters for covid match the "happy dystopia" aesthetic in near-future sci-fi

good job graphic design teams, you predicted the real life cyberpunk dystopia of 2020

learn this until you memorize it. this can be applied beyond the perspective of health studies

Me and Lil Nas X should hang out, that would be cool I think.

conservatives say they want personal freedoms and then say the drug war is good actually

Doctors hate her! Local woman really likes annoying doctors!

who the fuck enjoys subway? why is your pallet so bland? do you enjoy the 5 different meats they have that all taste like turkey?

yall keep saying "i have a conspiracy theory" and then present a reasonable, logical conclusion.

mask wearing becoming a thing has made me realize just how much i subconsciously rely on mouth movements to understand people

how the fuck do people walk slow this is so boring. its actually hard to keep a slow pace

don't use "we can talk about both things" as an excuse to only do the easy thing. sure, build dual power, but don't use that as a cudgel to make me talk about electoral politics. yes, toxic masculinity hurts cis men, but don't use that to talk over the suffering of people of marginalized genders.

floss IS real and i invented it as the perfect pasta to eat with teeth

nsfw, genital ment 

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