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Teeth joke story 

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if i ever say some shit that seems iffy or wrong tell me and ill try to rectify it cause i dont wanna be mean or cancelled

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bill and ted went to their own personal hell together and we're supposed to believe theyre straight?

its funny that peoplr act like wealth redistribution is this radical impossible political idea when in america every 10 years there is an economic contraction and you, the worker, have your wealth redistributed to the rich

if trumps plan was to suppress votes through the mail, why did he start so early? why not a week or 2 before the first voting days

🇧🇷 Os pôsteres da União Soviética sobre os Estados Unidos continuam assustadoramente reais.

🇺🇸 Soviet posters about the Us are still disturbingly real.

the ultrarich need some humbling trauma in their lives. maybe just being terrified for decades and stripped of all the resources they'd use to fight back. thatd be a nice start

i really hate that minecraft said no hitting villagers.

cant imagine working at amazon and hating the poor

does long john silvers put anything special in their chicken? cause i swear i always crave it

if i had known this was literally a major plot point in ffxiv i would've started playing way way earlier

i really hope that when we finally meet aliens, theyre super freaked out by the fact we breathe rocket fuel

how come i wake up at 9 am but its always 7-10 pm the rest of the day

Femby Hooters: It's like Femboy Hooters but for feminine enbies.

on bureaucracy and the environment 

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really really hate the seemingly universal cultural concept that adults are better than children and automatically deserve respect no matter what

ivy you have sinned and for this you shall die

US pol 

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