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if i ever say some shit that seems iffy or wrong tell me and ill try to rectify it cause i dont wanna be mean or cancelled

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i wonder if actors say something to a screen suit dude and just lose their shit cause hes so funny looking

if we were to create a vinyl plating around the equator and put a giant needle in space, we could create the world's largest record. please donate to my kickstarter

moths are just the werewolves of butterflies.
thats why moths like the moon

Eugen is not relatable, he is not "uwu" hes a coder. coders know how to piss people off and nothing more!

Why would you fuck a cube when there are slowly rotting pumpkins all over the place this time of year.

If you don't think Marx is a twink, you're not valid

look guys we don't need to eat the rich. thats a bit barbaric. what we need to do is a marry a rich ceo who suddenly dies months later of heart failure. then spend their money the way it should have been spent from the beginning

i think skeletons are onto something and we should try it

im back at the dr office so they steal more of my blood. its my blood and i dont wanna give it but they gotta for my hrt

The world needs the option of boob tradesies so we can even out the boobs amongst everyone who wants them, and wants different sizes and/or shapes—or wants them sometimes but maybe not all the time.


i hope all those boys who would ask our group of friends "what would you do if you woke up as a girl one day" have realized theyre propbably not boys

i love looking at all the undone work i have at the end of the year and then tossing it into the fire pit

trust me, no matter what he says in this video, if theres more to go, it gets worse

an old friend of mine posted this the other day. i say old friend but we still talk. i dont consider us much of friends anymore, kinda glad i dont.

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We have:
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