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if i ever say some shit that seems iffy or wrong tell me and ill try to rectify it cause i dont wanna be mean or cancelled

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i NEED to switch to linux soon like shit man

man i fucking love how when i tell my computer to go to sleep windows decides that it can just restart it for me instead to force the update ive been avoiding for a week

death stranding makes the heafty assumption that monster energy would survive the end of the world and honestly idk how to feel about it

people say it isnt possible to become a billionaire without stepping on others but i think it is. it would def be slower but i think its possible

man fuck billonaires give us ur cash u greedy fucks

do straight men hate the idea of cold brew coffee? do they think its too weak? are they afraid of good flavor?

i wonder if those social comentaries of "social media likes becoming money in the future" would work out well. like there would be the ultra rich capitalists like there is now but thered also be the ultra rich youtubers and instagram models and stuff like that. itd be really weird but i can almost see it happening

idk wtf i missed but somethin wild is going on now

i think there would definitely be some straight men who call it gay and refuse to ever walk through another mans hologram

do yall think if we ever get hologram face time tech it would be rude to walk through someones hologram? like "fuck dude whyd you walk through me ew"

i need black dye damn it. someone broke the fuckin wither rose farm and now i cant get enough black dye

having poly freinds is hard cause they say "my girlfriend" and idk who the fuck theyre talking about. i cant imagine actually ahving that many girlfriends

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