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my deadname, why im following you 

Polyamorous people be like: Five WIVES at Freddy's

If u rhyme 'die' with 'cry' i will skip your song nine times out of ten

embroidery is kinda like minecraft pixel art builds in real life, if you think about it

to be fair, all the mob options in minecon 2017 sucked absolute ass and just sounded horrible and annoying, mojang definitely does know how to make their game fun for players

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im sooooo glad dreamsmp decided that phantoms should be in the video game minecraft, really just the BEST mob and mechanic, everyone loves it

brutalmoose referring to himself as a food youtuber is always so funny to me cause every video he makes about food makes it seem like it's his first time ever stepping foot in a kitchen

i feel like if i were a creature i would be a ant or even a bug perhaps

do u think the dwarves in DRG have ever explored each other's bodies

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it's lucy time (playing deep rock galactic solo missions at 1 AM by myself)

gamers do not realize that rollback netcode can still suck ass if it's not done well, it shouldn't be something that adds to hype before a game even releases...

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okay, if you open the song in browser and right click it and select 'embed album', you can copy the title of the song from the menu that pops up from that. really cool UX im sure it's not specifically designed like this to prevent users from finding the other less exploitative platforms musicians use to distribute their music

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here's a shitty thing i just realized about spotify, it seems like it does literally all it can to stop you from copying a song title to your clipboard.

if there's a song i like but the artist name and song title are in cyrillic, i personally have no way to learn anything else about that song or artist outside of the information provided to me by spotify themselves, because i dont know cyrillic and can't copy the characters i see by sight.

yeah i support the FBI, the Feral Bitch Institute


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dont meat your heros ¯_(ツ)_/¯ this isnt about anyone specific..

Finally have to stop using the earbuds that i've been using every day for the past like 5 or 6 years, only have to stop because one of them literally split in half though lmao, i've never had a pair last nearly this long before

It's a lucy kind of night, a night for lucy BY lucy

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