One time my girlfriend told me I'd look cute in glasses and I didn't hesitate and told her I'd look like this:


My girlfriend is tall and like very cool and tough and wants to be super strong (I bet she's secretly already strong,) and I'm like a small round grandma and she didn't like the fact I said we're like every tumblr ship.

@Ivafakename I am extremely WEAK but I will be your tumblr gf

Let's be grammas together uwu

@dragon @Ivafakename Every selfie, every topless picture,,, like every picture of you I've seen is like "Holy fuck she could beat me up, and I'd probably let her"

@dragon @Ivafakename Yeah,,, I wanna be soff, but being soff is hard ;-; I'm all scars and bumps ;-;

@MxCraven @Ivafakename scars and bumps are nice!! It means you've lived and done cool stuff

@dragon @Ivafakename I could at least be a buff lesbian voidfriend by now though... Instead I'm a twig the waist up, and a ball below the waist... ;-;

@dragon @Ivafakename *puts on a JOG GIRL* tanktop


@deejvalen @Ivafakename noooo!!!!! I don't wanna do sports I just want abs 😭😭

@dragon @Ivafakename okay lets do situps and ab exercises then cuddle

@dragon @Ivafakename gonna get so buff zi use you as exercise equipment and make you do situps by squishin you

@dragon @Ivafakename cradling you behind the neck and knees and making you do situps while you sleep


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