All sea horses are trans.

Source: I live by the sea just trust me on this

@julia close enough, I'm in weston so technically between the beach and the sea is a few hundred miles of trash.

@Ivafakename relatable, im in scotland so most things here are trash

@julia as someone from England we seem to have different ideas of what trash is.

@Ivafakename theres a lot of pollution here, theres literally 2 different power plants within driving distance of here lmao

@julia Oh I take it back, our trash is just tourist leftovers and governme- chip wrappers just those two things.

@Ivafakename Those are donkeys Ivy, the "horses" on the beach are donkeys.

@MxCraven umm sorry do you live by the sea? Do you have sources? (/jk)

@Ivafakename I live about 20 miles away from the furthest you can possibly be from the sea in the UK.

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