My fav genera of youtube video is "Can you (do thing) without (thing you obviously need to do the thing)?" because 9 times out of 10 the answer is yes and you get fun videos like "can you beat skyrim without attacking? Yes! Step one: Get a bucket, ste-" and even some of the one's you can't do are fun, once saw a guy beat the dark brotherhood quest (You know, the assassins?) only killing two people.

Youtube video: can I beat Mario Party without doing anything???
Me: Well well well let's find out together :)

(The answer was yes I shit you not,)

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The only one I don't like is "Can you beat pokémon with only (insert random Pokémon)" because yes of course you can, if it deals damage it can win a fight, and if it runs out of moves it can struggle, which deals damage, and if your level is higher your struggle is better, I don't care if you're only using magikarp, once you get it to level 99 half the game is one shot and the other half is luck.

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"Can I beat pokémon with only this weird egg thing?" Fuck off, you're just as bad as "Can I beat this game with funny controller" guy, the answer is yes you just have to learn what buttons to press

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"Can you beat darksouls with a guitar hero controller?" There are 12 buttons and a joystick, you need 8 buttons at best and you get to map the buttons yourself. "Ooh boys can I beat pokemon with BUZZ CONTROLLERS??? Oh no there are only 20 buttons idk if I can do it!" Thats you that's what you sound like, there are disabled people who play these games with a puff switch, I think you'll manage with weird shaped plastic designed to be comfortable to hold in two hands.

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@Ivafakename pikasprey is my favourite youtuber for this

@Ivafakename the guy's always like "can you complete the game with no money or items and only a level -1 caterpie that only knows string shot and stuck in the last cave in the game" and somehow the answer is always Yes

@julia probably because he does it through theory 1st and then films the video

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