Just realised that download and pirate aren't synonymous any more.

Anyway this only came to mind because I just remembered a play I watched on tv a few years ago and I can't find it anywhere so piracy time, it's called "Peter Pan goes wrong," it aired on the BBC back in 2016 it was a christmas special please do look it up it was amazing

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Look up the website "Doesthedogdie.com" if you ever plan to watch a movie or show or play a game or whatever but aren't sure about any triggers, take it from a gal that accidentally watched a death count of "The banana splits movie," thinking it was some kind of joke.

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Btw DoesTheDogDie.com covers loads of triggers not just dogs, including "Does a dragon die," "are there snakes," "is there addiction," "is there blood/gore," stuff about racism fat shaming homophobia and more, like it's legit

@Ivafakename Thank you! I had no idea it was so thorough, that's a huge help

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