Frogs be like:


:|D (this is the frog when it does the chin thing)

My toots have blown up and I have decided not to let the fame go to my head, I will be selling "You fuckers will boost anything" shirts on my redbubble for $69.69 a shirt.

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Check out my new soundcloud album "Frogs be like," I'm also on twitch and youtube under the same name, check out my "Toots of 2021" 12 month calender available in all good bookshops everywhere

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@bees thank you FootFreakForChrist69696969 for such an amazing commentary, I uh... I appreciate you being here and making me contemplate if someone has used that phrase non ironically...

@Ivafakename I'm happy that I could be of help, and I also want to reiterate that frogs do be :|D

@Ivafakename @bees i posted a YouTube video once on here of someone whose thing was converting people to christ with how sexy their feet are

@Ivafakename thank you! have you ever heard tree frogs? it sounds like they're singing.

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