You ever think about how kermit's face collapses in on itself whenever he's mad? And we see that and we're like "Oh yeah I know that expression anywhere," like how do we know?!?! Kermit's face changes shape all the time and I keep forgetting that isn't normal and that he's a puppet!

Kermit the frog be like "Hi dee ho," and I'm like "Oh yes a real life being,"

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Kermit the frog isn't real and idk why that's so hard for my brain to realise, like, "He talk"

Yes brain he does talk.

"He robot?"

No brain he's not a robot.

"... Alive!"


"Kermit the frog is people :)"

Am i allowed to say kermit isn't real? Like it's not like a "No you can't tell kids the truth about (fictional person) that's so rude," kinda deal is it?

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@Ivafakename What if Kermit is really in control and the so-called puppeteer is actually the puppet?

@owashii so theres this vr horror(?) game called "Hello puppets" which is basically this

@Ivafakename that sounds terrifying I already have the jibblies thinking about it

@owashii I like the look of it tbh, it has some interesting mechanics

@Ivafakename if there's One thing the human brain is gOOd at, it's identifying things that are like us and empathizing with them, even if they aren't Other peOple. basically, same.

@seventy thank you for that, kermit the frog makes me feel silly sometimes and idk why

@Ivafakename if kermits not real then explain how he was in all those films

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