You know who the real bastard from mario is? The dude in the cloud who throws shells at you, what the fuck is his problem, he lives in a cloud why must he fight me?

I'm gonna say the C word 

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Unless it's 64 or mario kart in which case he's a GOOD GUY?!?!?! FUCK LAKITU!

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@Ivafakename lakitu is absolutely the kind of guy who openly fantasises about owning an ac130 for very suspiciously fash sounding purposes

@Ivafakename big military plane for aerial surveillance, fire support and basically aerial artillery to hose down an entire area with massive firepower. You know those black and white video feeds from call of duty where its a slowly rotating view with a thermal camera and a targeting reticule and things just explode under it? That's from an ac130

@Nine okay I get what you're saying but for future reference any question that starts "You know like in call of duty where-" the answer is no.

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