I found a tool for testing your pronouns, it writes a small sentence about you with the pronouns you enter into it, and you can read short parts of stories to see if you like it.

The pronoun checker thing I found: Type of person?
Suggestion: Girl
Me, posh: Lady

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I feel like "Piss posh" would be a great way to describe myself if it were a real phrase

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@Ivafakename those lists of pronouns you can get at the bottom seems like a nice resources in and of itself too!

@norikawa also that, I think they credit another website for the list though, so it may be a good idea to check that out to see if it's been updated since or something

@Ivafakename oh dang, this is actually really helpful

(i might be questioning my pronouns again bc of this website kshfjkd)

@Ivafakename shoutout to making me even more comfortable with pronouns i was already comfortable with

@biohazard honestly, always awesome to hear people are happy with themselves

@Ivafakename theres just something epic about reading parts of alice in wonderland but its me...

@biohazard honestly same, I think there was a part in one of the stories where it refers to you as a "silly [pronoun]" or something similar and it's at that point I felt comfortable

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