Look, I don't know what I'm doing, knowing is overrated, lets just do what we think is cool and see what happens

You ever just accidentally say something kinda deep and meaningful?

Don't worry, I'll think of something stupid soon...

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It's amazing how my old advice can just come back to help me...

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Yeah, I'll go with it, why not...

I'm non binary, I don't know if that's right but it seems like a cool idea so lets see what happens

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Sorry, You lot didn't want to see me flooding your tl with the gender ramblings of an evil villain, I'm sure

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Sorry for just randomly boosting that, I'm feeling bad and thought it'd help to re-read it, then I realized it might help someone else, so I boosted it.

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@madcat that's... Actually a good point, why am I apologizing for this? I must just be having a bad morning, I'll have to do something about it...

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