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I found a tool for testing your pronouns, it writes a small sentence about you with the pronouns you enter into it, and you can read short parts of stories to see if you like it.

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Btw, if I ever boost/favourite something of yours that you didn't want boosted/favourited, just tell me and I'll apologize, same goes for if you think I boosted something offensive, odds are I'm being stupid and didn't understand it properly

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@norikawa I prefer Ivy, but Iva, fakename, Ivafakename, Ivafa and name all work just as well.

Just don't call me "realname"

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Look, I don't know what I'm doing, knowing is overrated, lets just do what we think is cool and see what happens

@Ivafakename amazing how only 7% of respondents got the correct answer

Language is up to your interpretation, you decide what constitutes a wheel or door, you may argue your case,

The question: Are there more doors in the world or more wheels?

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Christ alive our prime minister is thick as horse shit

Just told the joke about the monk to stream and they all hated it

I've not been online much, this weekend was the air show so I was busy

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"He robbed an ATM, so he's evil now"

Dying from this anime recap.

I love my girlfriend even if she is hella cringe and her girlfriend is dumb as a box of rocks xx

@Ivafakename funnily enough i've been thinking a lot of the sequel recently. so well put together... the way it manages to sound entirely like an original song while still being a parody like the original... sublime

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