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I found a tool for testing your pronouns, it writes a small sentence about you with the pronouns you enter into it, and you can read short parts of stories to see if you like it.

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Btw, if I ever boost/favourite something of yours that you didn't want boosted/favourited, just tell me and I'll apologize, same goes for if you think I boosted something offensive, odds are I'm being stupid and didn't understand it properly

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@norikawa I prefer Ivy, but Iva, fakename, Ivafakename, Ivafa and name all work just as well.

Just don't call me "realname"

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Look, I don't know what I'm doing, knowing is overrated, lets just do what we think is cool and see what happens

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(I hope I spelled that correctly,)

Hello, I'm Ivafakename, I'm 19, English, not smart, and I sometimes pretend to be a supervillain.

I like hashtags, being stupid, and being gay. My enemy is Ivarealname, but, I don't think he's gonna show up.

If I do something wrong please let me know so I can apologize and learn from it.

Anyone know an alternative to red bubble that won't rat me out to the bigger rat in red pants?

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@Ivafakename but for a real advice maybe try a different service than rb

Expect a minute or so of downtime later for renewing certs :ablobcatbongo:

The gay agenda is when I watch a painfully straight show with my mom and loudly ship the two same gender Mainers

New design I'm gonna sell when redbubble inevitably doesn't get it's shit together:

I love the wii nunchuck connectors they should be used everywhere, so satisfying and they can click right into a PCB

I am this close to just paying an artist to recreate the design.

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Just in case MCR are also feeling like a good old fashioned cunt, I have a backup.

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I swear to god if My Chemical Romance wants to have a go as well I will scream.

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MCR if you let me sell this I will buy one of your songs. Not a whole album though that seems excessive. I'll buy that one about a marching band or whatever, seems good for memes.

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Dear Fall out Boy,

That wasn't very punk of you.


Ivy Fae, Stand up girl.

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