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Hey if I’m not active over the course of the month it’s cuase I’m swarmed w school shit but I’ll try to chat for a little bit as often as possible!!

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the year is 2020, its 10 o clock for me and there is a raging pandemic going on, americans are watching nevada and georgia in closer toward being called for the election, supernatural is trendingand destiel is canon, putin resigns,

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ITS BEEN A MONTH im on twitter now but ill still try to check in on you guys!! Im like in a community on there and shit so ijsnsd jhdsfj its weird now. I hope yal r doing alright just wanted to check in and chat if anyone awake

I’ll probably be back in like a month idk let’s see where my life goes

Anyway good day to y’all i use disaster Twitter now- but it’s like So stupid fucking funny when you manage to curate it correctly

I’m dumb I’m gay and My hands are empty of a 2 foot tall jschlatt plushie

i forgot i had my bookmarks open and i got hit with that one post where ryk called me a paint fucker

school is over for the week i am now Going to b a dumbass

time to frantically cheat on an economics test that has 60 questions on it

jkjkjkjk i need to do work im still so distracted jashdfjksmfd

i find it so fucking funny i care more about a tier 1 twitch sub than a verified twitter user having a full conversation about him shitting his pants w me someone whos got like 20 follows her

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HOLYS HIT I GOT GIFTED A SUB fOR QUACKITY AJSDHBFJADFFN first skydoesminecraft responds to one of my posts and now this shdnfjanf this is the best day ever

How do I print things to look like I wrote them college rule

Twitter bad but like it kinda fun to watch chaos ensue live on tl

Dnevdkdnb I made friends on twt and now I use it more freq but like it’s so strange to be able to pick up words and shit tha it previously wouldn’t use at all like beksdbdsbjsnd

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