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this is spurred on by the fact that i just saw a picture of my youngest brother who is taller than a door frame now and its like
why are you so tall wtf

i mean its not just genes obvs cause my uncle whos my dads identical brother is taller than him but still gonna beat up my dad for being short

gonna beat up my dad for being short causing me to get his short man dna

the fact that ppl are recording their fukin speedruns of how fast they can get banned from the yandere dev discord is so fuckgin funny

Wait are White mf for REAL talking about Indigenous human sacrifice when the US still has the fucking DEATH penalty 🤨??? Bitch sit down when ur governors are still forcing doctors to break their Hippocratic oath so they can sacrifice other human beings to their God of Vengeance 🙄. The US is one of the few countries where you could be having ur prostate examined by a mass murderer of the state.


now that ive drawn Baal in a better doodle i need to make a meme


i also draw a good majority of my demon ocs like this is not helping

i suck at making differentiating species because i make a humanoid species and my brain like "add horns and colorful marks" and i just fucking go with it

im half tempted to draw my oc torture to complete the cock and ball torture joke but i also the idea i have for his design would not work in mspaint doodles


im watching a video about country people on tiktok and oh my god
rick i am so sorry you live in georgia

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