This isn't related to BLM but please consider supporting Musée Mécanique, an American museum dedicated to the preservation of turn of the century penny arcade games and other pre video game arcade amusements

They do also have video games and pinballs but more important Americans in their care are their 100 year old shooting galleries, peep shows, dioramas and more.


Breonna Taylor should be here to celebrate her birthday today.

a gofundme for the medical bills of a woman that was hit by the car of a counter protestor yesterday 6/3 in colorado springs.


re: medical, gross, oral 

medical, gross, oral 


Forgot my profile pic on discord was puppet girlie

I was going to have Joey move back into my island, cause I have his amiibo and I kicked him out to have Rocket move in. But then Rory moved into the spot Mallary moved out of, and I kind of like Rory he's very cute.

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