I think there is a curse within leftist spaces where white people can't possibly see themselves as perpetuating racism, and so when they get called on something, especially when its by a person of color, the reaction is immediately aggressive defensiveness in place of what should be self-reflection.

"You're calling ME racist? I donate to so many charities! I've gone to rallies! I've been calling out people who use the N word for years! Theres not a racist bone in my body!"


@Bashabez it's part of a larger thinking where because this person realized that capitalism is a horrible thing (which is true no matter which way you spin it) and now that they have discovered this life-changing discovery, everyone else who doubts them on anything else is wrong based on the sheer willpower of how leftism is seen as a cure-all for everything wrong in people and the world

A bit of caps 

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