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advertising my film patreon page; boosts and donations appreciated 

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new profile pic; queer villainsona; eye contact 

y'know with everything that's going on with the riots, part of me is willing to say "fuck it" and watch do the right thing tonight instead of the movie i had planned. i used to hate it because my very liberal mom had some "grievances" about it that i absorbed without ever seeing it

i can't let my past self reign over my colonized mind like a tyrant; it's time to continue overthrowing it

i sure am reading a lot of needlessly angry reviews of parasite, huh?

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never give a person into film who chastises people's "cinematic literacy" - as if that was something that existed - any benefit of the doubt. if you do, you end up getting caught up in the bullshit world of objectivity

for all the white people barging into the DMs of black people expecting them to pander to your own sensibilities, might i, with as much kindness as i can muster up rn, suggest going to this hub of the works of revolutionary black writers all in one place? learning is hard work, but doing it at the cost of what we expect out of black people ignores the volumes that have been written about what you want to know

to a greater extent, we were all acting like that in 2016 because we were filled with baby angst that would turn into blood-curdling rage with each passing year

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remember when david bowie died in 2016 and we were all like "yea, things can't be any worse in the future"

they trample us and others with their boots, so they better prepare to meet our fists

when people say that these riots have started because of the murder of george floyd, they are half-right. in reality, this is something that has been building in the underbelly of this rotten country for the longest time. we have seen people quote mlk on how "a riot is the language of the unheard" and not only are those who have been hammered down showing their fury, they are carrying the everlasting fight for some semblance of justice that has been stolen for centuries

they hear all of us now, but just wait until all the shilling for their precious status quo; all the racism in the form of police brutality and pummeling of PoC neighborhoods; everything and more, comes back to hit them in their faces as we take back what has been stolen from us for far too long

these riots are only the beginning, for there may be much more to come

live long and fight strong everybody, whether it be thru donating to help the protestors or showing up in the streets

tired of all the goofy transforming of people into pickles. fuck the patriarchical idea that only men can turn into pickles! i say we make way not for pickle rick, but for pickle clit!

it is time to go over the first three films i've seen 

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nintendo switch? sounds like centrism you're advocating for

i squeak like a motherfucker you don't wanna see what it's made of

so far the only exceptions to these are yu and yoko from love exposure and joel and clementime from eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

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my dick and balls are a better couple then 99% of cishet relationships in movies

i am that bitch who is preparing in the near future to watch a 9-hour slow cinema chinese documentary on what privatizing the industries in china has done to the workers

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