the ironic thing about online atheists is the thing they care most about is following a rigid set of rules as part of a community that excludes those not previously a part of it and not believing in religion is basically secondary so they might as well just go to church

Coming home at the end of the day and sitting down like a skyrim npc

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I wonder if there are other soups that people would drink for breakfast if we put liquor in them

Oh did I ever tell y’all I won prettiest eyes and prettiest hair at the baby pageant in 1989

"Healthcare Stocks take 28 Billion Beating, Worried Medicare For All May Pass"

Having a hard time shedding tears for ultrarich healthcare CEOs & investors who made a literal killing overcharging millions of Americans for hospital visits and medication to the point of bankruptcy, homelessness, or having to crowdfund insulin money.

Fuck 'healthcare' companies. The for-profit Universal Deathcare industry in the US kills more than car crashes.

Approved by capitalist-captured regulatory agencies like the FDA, opioids were overprescribed in clinics & hospitals everywhere as a cure for everything from pain to 'feelings of unhappiness, depression'. The Sacklers made 30 billion targeting towns in economic collapse & handing out fentanyl -- ultra-heroin -- to depressed laid-off workers & futureless youth

listen yall i have Had It with this endless bigotry

i am Coming Out As A Gamer

it is kinda hilarious that Elon Musk is doing le epic dogwhistle by changing his twitter avi to a character best known for massively fucking up his life and others by doing science wrong

ah yes, Letterkenny, the thinking man's Trailer Park Boys

It is extremely liberating to not pretend that you know things you don't. It also opens you up to a lot more chances to learn shit. It rules

Imagine if instead of movies we just got seven first-party Gamecube games

It's crazy that Nintendo almost bought the rights to Harry Potter before Warner Bros

keep getting these ford gundam youtube ads

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