Only now that I've been on Mastodon for a few months, without a quote functionality or anything similar, do I realize how fucking dumb we all were when it came to spreading horrible shit around by holding it up and saying "I THINK THIS IS BAD".

Like, I think we all registered on some level that we were giving it a much wider audience than it ever would have had otherwise, but holy shit, only now has it really hit me how hard we fell for that. Hook line and sinker

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@Dayglochainsaw that shit used to make me feel so awful on Twitter and I never realized how bad it was until I got here

@SanfordianPhil @Dayglochainsaw

Yeah, boosting news that happens that might be sad/bad is one thing, and even that can get tiring for some people.

But just boosting any random person who has a nuclear take, especially if that's just their entire job is to have nuclear takes, is just giving them air time and a new audience.

And also something you'll never have a lack of, so it's useless to do. Like there's infinite bad takes.

@Dayglochainsaw Hard agree. I stand by the belief that just setting up networks with better moderation isn't enough (don't get me wrong though, that's extremely good), we also need to change the way we interact with it. Dunking on bad posts is all good fun but a lot of times all that does is amplify the stuff we want to see less of.

@Dayglochainsaw Rule #1 on the Internet, dating back probably to the 1980s or 1990s is: "DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS". If you feed them, they grow stronger. The social media corporations have business models dependent upon "engagement"-- feeding the trolls.
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