Capitalism loves to be like "just be your own boss!" but what they actually mean is "be a freelancer with no employment rights and no health insurance"

@Dayglochainsaw Having done freelance work I know how easy it is to be laid off with no notification or pay.

@Dayglochainsaw If you're a rugged individualist, what do you need health insurance for?

Capitalists should support single payer then, since they want people to be willing to take risks like that.

Some think it should all be out of pocket, but I think they'd be hard pressed to deny that single payer would be better than employer-provided.

@Dayglochainsaw I mean yah, but they would need a non self contradictory world view.


Owning an limited liability company and working 24/7 on my work is wonderful

I own my self finally.


As for my health insurance, I may die sooner than later because of the capitalists which I am not.

I won't be the reason I died, because when I have my wish, I will die of 'natural causes' near or around the exact end of my life

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