@Dayglochainsaw i bet there were a lot of cuneiform tablets that said the equivalent of “we live in a society”

@Dayglochainsaw they also invented bad customer service reviews

i wonder if any of today's ebay scammers and telemarketers will achieve the lasting fame of Ea-nasir the dodgy copper merchant?

@thamesynne @Dayglochainsaw My favorite tablet was the one from a school where the student just obviously got bored and started doodling nonsense.

@polychrome @thamesynne @Dayglochainsaw It's at the not-great-named Oriental Institute in Chicago, lemme see if it's in their online collection

@polychrome @thamesynne @Dayglochainsaw It's not - there were a few descriptions that sounded CLOSE but didn't have photos. They may also have moved the piece or changed the description to be less fun since I last saw in a few years ago.

I did find this mathematical exercise, which is still cool to look at, most cuneiform is from experience scribes who write very dense, very tight, and this is much more open easier to look at for us who don't read cuneiform.


In the sumer time, when the weather was fine
You could stretch right up and touch the clay
When the weather's fine,
you had wheat, you had wheat on your mind

Fun fact: King Gilgamesh was the most famous king that Sumerian stories talked about.

And he was*super* gay for a barbarian whom he made his adventuring partner.

For more info, check out the Epic of Gilgamesh. Translations available online... somewhere.

I think I saw a video of people speaking an interpretation of Sumerian. It sounded cool as hell.

@Dayglochainsaw image description:

[picture of ancient city] Neat, it's Sumer!

They invented: [picture of cuneiform] clay

Which they used to talk about: [picture of grain] wheat

they had a lot of fun

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