@Dayglochainsaw i bet there were a lot of cuneiform tablets that said the equivalent of “we live in a society”

@Dayglochainsaw they also invented bad customer service reviews

i wonder if any of today's ebay scammers and telemarketers will achieve the lasting fame of Ea-nasir the dodgy copper merchant?

Fun fact: King Gilgamesh was the most famous king that Sumerian stories talked about.

And he was*super* gay for a barbarian whom he made his adventuring partner.

For more info, check out the Epic of Gilgamesh. Translations available online... somewhere.

I think I saw a video of people speaking an interpretation of Sumerian. It sounded cool as hell.

@Dayglochainsaw image description:

[picture of ancient city] Neat, it's Sumer!

They invented: [picture of cuneiform] clay

Which they used to talk about: [picture of grain] wheat

they had a lot of fun

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