It's probably only a matter of time before we get a thinkpiece like "it's actually bad that the fediverse is so nice and positive all the time, being around toxic people taught me how to be tough" and it'll be written by some cishet white dude who contributes to wapo and whose only experience with online harassment is when a bunch of people on Twitter told him to get corncobbed in 2015

@Dayglochainsaw "The Intellectual Limits of Kindness" by Toilets Murpho

@Dayglochainsaw Isn't that what the Daily Dot article was, in part?

@Dayglochainsaw Their only experience *on the receiving end*, anyway. They were totally justified in going after those women Bernie Bros who were pointing out how Hillary's policies wouldn't actually relieve the burden of those living in poverty.

@Dayglochainsaw i have seen a very similar take from someone on the fediverse already

@Dayglochainsaw It'll be by like Max Borfington III and it'll compare being pelted with retro wave memes that say "that's a yikes from me my guy" to surviving a struggle session during the cultural revolution.

@Dayglochainsaw Also he'll take shit like the corn orb as secret communist antifa black bloc code.

@Dayglochainsaw Abuse seems to be inherent to this society as a form of enforcing the system. It's sickening.

@Dayglochainsaw the fediverse isn't very nice at all what the shit are you talking about?
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