Just googled "biodiesel" and found this extremely good stock image

"Save money by putting entire cobs of corn into your gas tank"

No need for gas! Just slam a cob in there my dude!

This is like something a toddler might do. This picture represents a toddler-level comprehension of the concept of biofuel. Like you've kinda got a loose grasp on the broad strokes but you're missing 90-95% of the critical details here

This picture looks like it's meant to represent some sort of corn smuggling drug ring

Smuggling illegal corn across the border in your gas tank

I'm sorry for spamming about this just. God it's just so good. This is so incredibly good to me.

Even the way they're holding the corn is weird

Plus that's like maybe 50 dollars in singles like are you going to a strip club after this. What is going ON here.

Paying the gas tank to let me feed it corn, as a sex thing

Outta my fuckin way I got a tank fulla corn and a head fulla stupid

Put corn in your gas tank, the cops can't stop you

Getting my arm stuck in the gas tank hole like a dumbass because I was trying to get at all the delicious corn

*putting corn in my gas tank* I'm sorry I don't know what it eats

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@Dayglochainsaw it's a trick! You can grasp the corn or free your arm but you can't do both

@Dayglochainsaw so only half of them shucked the corn before putting it in

is shucked/unshucked like leaded versus unleaded

@Dayglochainsaw Ethanol/E85 gasoline, AKA "corn juice." A legitimate thing but the pictures are fucking weird.

@Dayglochainsaw once when i was about 10 i was living temporarily in this big house with my family, and one morning my brother made ready brek and i loved it.

The next morning i was the first one up and i wanted to make ready brek, but see i was 10 and did not know how to make milk hot at the time, so i decided i'd try boiling it in the kettle. i still say that it was logical to do so, even though it broke the kettle.

that's what these stock photos remind me of.

@Dayglochainsaw anyways that's a brief glimpse into my childhood, do with it what you will.

@Dayglochainsaw this is now called "cobbing"

bro do you cob? my guy you gotta cob your car. so natural

@Dayglochainsaw i mean youll def save money by not paying for gas anymore since you fucking wrecked the car by fucking shoving a corn cob up its ass

Broke: put a tiger in your tank
Woke: just shove some corn in there, asshole

@Dayglochainsaw cut out the middle-men between corn and the gas Bowser by jamming corn into your tank

@Dayglochainsaw "p-please... give me my corn back! l-look, i'll pay you, ok? ok!? please!"

@Dayglochainsaw I fucking love stock photos. No concept is too esoteric for them to do something completely batshit ridiculous

@Dayglochainsaw I too like to google "biodiesel" from time to time

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