Just googled "biodiesel" and found this extremely good stock image

@Dayglochainsaw it's a trick! You can grasp the corn or free your arm but you can't do both

@Dayglochainsaw so only half of them shucked the corn before putting it in

is shucked/unshucked like leaded versus unleaded

@Dayglochainsaw Ethanol/E85 gasoline, AKA "corn juice." A legitimate thing but the pictures are fucking weird.

@Dayglochainsaw once when i was about 10 i was living temporarily in this big house with my family, and one morning my brother made ready brek and i loved it.

The next morning i was the first one up and i wanted to make ready brek, but see i was 10 and did not know how to make milk hot at the time, so i decided i'd try boiling it in the kettle. i still say that it was logical to do so, even though it broke the kettle.

that's what these stock photos remind me of.

@Dayglochainsaw anyways that's a brief glimpse into my childhood, do with it what you will.

@Dayglochainsaw this is now called "cobbing"

bro do you cob? my guy you gotta cob your car. so natural

@Dayglochainsaw i mean youll def save money by not paying for gas anymore since you fucking wrecked the car by fucking shoving a corn cob up its ass

@Dayglochainsaw cut out the middle-men between corn and the gas Bowser by jamming corn into your tank

@Dayglochainsaw "p-please... give me my corn back! l-look, i'll pay you, ok? ok!? please!"

@Dayglochainsaw I fucking love stock photos. No concept is too esoteric for them to do something completely batshit ridiculous

@Dayglochainsaw I too like to google "biodiesel" from time to time

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