Some Asshole: humans are just naturally inclined to selfish behavior because of evolution

Humans: *form social bonds with strangers*
Humans: *form social bonds with animals*
Humans: *form social bonds with plants*
Humans: *form social bonds with robots*

@Dayglochainsaw if the plant brings them joy, is it truly a non-egoistic act? :^)

@funkeh @Dayglochainsaw Yes. By definition, finding joy in another being's happiness is the opposite of selfish.

@ptvirgo @funkeh @Dayglochainsaw a truly selfless act would be helping someone else and feeling shitty about it

@zensaiyuki @funkeh @Dayglochainsaw

I can see how that idea comes together as a mental exercise.

In practice, over time I think you'll find that the opposite is true. People who do "nice" thing but feel shitty after aren't genuine or generous at all. If anything, they're usually horribly toxic. As in, red flag, get the hell away from them toxic.

Don't know anything at all about what applies in your life, but in a general sense, I'd encourage anyone who can to avoid learning that the hard way.

@ptvirgo @funkeh @Dayglochainsaw i meant it in a tongue in cheek way. the philisophical argument goes that there’s no such thing as a selfless human act, and then for each counter example given, the goalposts move to redefine “selfless” ever narrower to exclude any possible direct or indirect benefit, until the meaning of the word “self” itself becomes poorly defined.

@ptvirgo @funkeh @Dayglochainsaw i mean, it’s easy to claim there’s no such thing as a “selfless act” if you define “selfless” as something that can’t exist in reality. it’s pretty cheap though.

@zensaiyuki @funkeh @Dayglochainsaw
... ohhhh.

I failed to recognize that you were making fun of the argument instead of making the argument. My mistake, caused me undo worry.


Science fiction: Humans will never accept robots as citizens. They will have to fight for their rights.

Me, to my phone: Got enough charge little guy? Want some more? Why don’t we plug you back in for a few minutes.

@Excuse_haver @Dayglochainsaw

David Cage: obviously the biggest problem if we introduced human-like androids who would flood the labor market is that people would be arbitrarily racist against androids who are indistinguishable from biological humans

[Homeless person in David Cage game who lost their job to chap android labor]: this has nothing to do with income inequality and everything to do with how arbitrarily racist I am against androids

@ben @Excuse_haver @Dayglochainsaw

Super-obvious points that would make the story's premise absurd:

a) human quotas (Don't hire more than X% of robots). Even before the deviant crisis, a revolution of luddites would curb the amount of androids in existence wiht those quotas.

b) android rights advocates demanding anti-android violence to be classified as animal abuse. This would keep the deviants in check, as they would have no reason to rebel in the first place.

@Dayglochainsaw the plant benefits the human through sentimental value.

@Dayglochainsaw some asshole: *bends over backwards to depict friendship itself in selfish terms*

@Dayglochainsaw I'm away from home and I watered my plants before I left but I cannot even tell you how much anxiety this is provoking in me

What if Carmella and Cletus are dead when I get back!?

Being nice to plants and animals is easier than being nice to humans.

Humans steal, cheat and betray.

And some are so wrecked by betrayals that they've lost the ability to trust... or love. :blobpensive:

@Dayglochainsaw *extremely ayn rand voice* i only love the plant because it makes me happy. the second i get bored of the plant i will burn it to a crisp. this is how everyone in the world either is or should be. the second my husband cannot serve me emotionally i will have him drawn and quartered so that i may extract one final ounce of happiness from his existence

@Dayglochainsaw maybe it is you, who has a reduced understanding of "benegit". I get a lot of emotional benefit from my friends, my dog, my plants, etc. No financial benefit in pretty much all cases.

misogynist, reactionary, right-wing language 

@Dayglochainsaw But if owning a plant makes you happy then it benefits you

@Dayglochainsaw This popped up again and now I'm worried because it's been days with no mention of Greg. Is he okay? Growing well? Thriving?



Personally I think capitalism corrupts the social nature of humanity and is an exploitation and amplification to the point of absurdity of a hoarding trait.

Meat mention 

@Dayglochainsaw this has nearly one boost per minute

which is incredibly powerful, because you speak incredible truth

@Dayglochainsaw I know I've yelled about this already this week, but humans fucking evolved to be naturally inclined towards /social behavior/ it's literally /how we fucking survive/ jfc

@Dayglochainsaw hell even in social animals, the assholes of the groups have less offspring than kinder ones because no one wants to fuck an asshole

@Dayglochainsaw I can't see being a selfish asshole as a successful trait. Being a self asshole is how you end up in a ditch.

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