@Dayglochainsaw related 2 this, i saw a VERY cool take on tw*tter from Aya Charlatan that outlined what they termed "cortisolization" and "dopaminization".

they idea was basically that decisions people make to either avoid stress or attain a good feeling can be extrapolated into broad, macro-economic, civilization-scale trends. we learned how to do agriculture because it felt good not to stress about food. we are destroying the planet because it feels good to eat borger.

@Dayglochainsaw not sure how rigorously academic of an idea this is but it's a cool thought about how our biology intersects with our material wants vs. needs, and how we fulfill those!

@selontheweb @Dayglochainsaw I don’t like this at all.... sorry just have to keep it real chief

@illnessideology @Dayglochainsaw valid!! i don't think i fully agree myself but this post reminded me of that i figured id bring it up~~

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