For decades people thought you couldn't keep Koalas in captivity because they would stop eating due to stress and starve to death, but it turned out that they were literally just too dumb to figure out how to eat out of bowls.

@Dayglochainsaw It's an excellent case study how when devoid of selection pressure, a species can trend towards lower energy. It's actually somewhat amazing they've managed to avoid behavioral sink.

@Dayglochainsaw If anything, I would think that koala's becoming so stupid is what helped them avoid behavioral sink.

@Dayglochainsaw No fuck you, koalas for life, they troublehacked the fuck out of evolution.

@Dayglochainsaw Honestly could have saved me a full 200 level philosophy of language course.

@Dayglochainsaw My favorite group of confused-about-words are analytical philosophers, cuz they all have brain worms where they think strictly applied explicit definitions are easier to work with than just rolling. I think you can learn a lot about human psychology by watching them spin.

@Dayglochainsaw They're just like "fuck you I'm not investing in your competitive bullshit, it's too tiring, I'm just gonna eat this thing nobody want, now leave me alone"

@Dayglochainsaw what about panda bears?

the only reason they still exist is that humans find them cute, and so, force them to fuck. otherwise they would've died out decades ago.

@Dayglochainsaw I feel like this about pandas. all these people putting in so much effort to conserve them. they clearly want to die out just let them go in peace

@Dayglochainsaw do "potato chips" count as a type of "leaf"? Cuz otherwise I might need to check to see if I'm a koala.

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