Cyberpunk is a lot like Monopoly in the sense that something created to be a scathing satiee of capitalism was instead taken at face value to mean that capitalisim is cool and good

@Dayglochainsaw wasn't Cyberpunk an Scifi Goth? just asking because as long as I can remember it was always a Space Nerd thing until it became "mainstream niche" with the Mad Max movies which were ironically more Bio Punk/ Steampunk fusion than Cyberpunk.

Oof buddy

No, it was basically originally created as "this is the polluted urban hellscape that will inevitably be created if capitalism is allowed to continue unchecked" except that was like 30 years ago and now its just real life

@Dayglochainsaw Bio punk is exactly that thou, living in a Blasted out apocalyptic landscape (like fallout) which is actually admittedly to start with a Bio Punk. it's not uncommon for Steampunk and Biopunk to go hand in hand the only thing separating the two I guess would be that Biopunk is suppose to be the Aftermath of a Chemical/ elemental apocalypse where as Steampunk is the Fictional SciFi 1800's
(its kind of my nyche) Cyberpunk would be like Ghost in the Shell type stuff.

Yeah no I know what those things are I just don't get what point you're trying to make here

@Dayglochainsaw trying to figure out whats going on I guess I'm too divided form the current issue to get it.

@waifubendy @Dayglochainsaw this happens when the critique is commodified and fetishized into a cool aesthetics or fashion. Capitalism appropriates and commodifies everything, including protest against it.

@luka @Dayglochainsaw
If this is about "Last NIght" the fringies got upset it displayed a Far Left Distopya that referenced directly their Narrative for its base, instead of a right wing distopia. it might also be because the usual plot for such games is to overthrow and destroy said distopia but I wasn't able to get much information on the issue other than the graphics were too inconsistent and choppy.

@waifubendy @Dayglochainsaw I don't know anything about right or left wing dystopia. cyberpunk started as a literary subgenre of sci-fi and then had some echoes in film. now you have a game (i don't play games but i'm extremely atracted to that particular one!) and tv shows and what not. I think they still portray a possibility of what we are turning into. When a genre gets commodified it looses and changes its context. I think it's still relevant and powerful sci-fi genre.

@luka @Dayglochainsaw Exactly Cyberpunk has been around since I think the early 80's its certainly been around the block a few times I know. But I do know with holywood in the state its in It's not surprising people would get upset that writers would be displaying any form of extreme political views as a diplopia. It make for great content when its used as a world building narrative for such things, not so much for character development thou.

@waifubendy @Dayglochainsaw now I studied and pondered the thing a bit more. So this is all about the director of The Last Night seemingly making a dystopia where feminists/SJWs are "on power" as a story that is at the core of the game? Hah, I will ponder this idea for a bit... but I wonder what it is that feels really weird about it. Is it that it somehow smells a bit like the idea of the white genocide?

@luka @Dayglochainsaw I just heard the graphics were Shit so I'm like eh Hard Pass not really much of a genre i pay attention to anyway thou a great scify action adventure definitely perks my intrigue. They have all that money maybe higher actual talent instead of your "woke" friends there buddy! I said before that intersectional (did
I even spell that right?)feminism makes for great small villain content.

@luka @Dayglochainsaw Update: drama is about the Trans stories written by Trans persons for last Night.... lol XD apparently PC gamer is being shill garbage again what else is new they have been garbage for a while now. the drama had nothing to do with the genre.

somewhere i read "cyberpunk must be anticapitalist or it is merely neoliberalism dreaming of its historical successor" - i feel like this was written by someone correctly angry that cyberpunk aesthetics were being appropriated for reactionary AAA shootmans games

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