Think about it this way. The core question at the heart of every "should robots have rights?" type story is "having created a life-form that for all intents and purposes, has dreams and emotions and aspirations of its own, is it not wrong to lock that being into inescapable servitude?"

The answer to this question is yes, of course it's wrong. We all know that. We've seen it a thousand times. This is well-trodden ground by now.


@Dayglochainsaw there's no media representation that could make us feel this connection

look at all the sitcoms out there: how many of them are trying to humanise the (upper) middle class?

now along comes a "new" genre, and this time around it's not unambiguously painting the lower working class as direct threat like its first iteration (Frankenstein) aaaaand i honestly think we should embrace it, if that's all we have / get.

@Dayglochainsaw Still thinking about this epic thread, king. Mind if I quote it in a thing I'm working on?

@Dayglochainsaw i recently read about the *original* emotional labour, and it has a lot more to do with, well, labour…

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