Anarchists IRL: I just want to be able to spend 20 hours a week baking bread for my commune and spend the rest of the time tending my garden and hanging out with my cats

Anarchists in mainstream media: I WANT THE WORLD TO BE LIKE DARK SOULS
Anarchists IRL: I want the world to be like Animal Crossing

@Dayglochainsaw Anarchists in mainstream media: PREPARE FOR THE PURGE
Anarchists IRL: Can I just have my human rights please

@ijyx @Dayglochainsaw anarchists on social media: uwu mistew comwade can I pwease get some pwaxis?? OwO

@ijyx @Dayglochainsaw Hey! there were anarchists in the Purge... They were the ones organizing street medics and rescuing people

@Dayglochainsaw I want the world to be like Dark Souls in that when your boss shows up you see their current health on your HUD and when you die the game tells you so you know for sure.

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@JohnBrownJr @Dayglochainsaw

There was one local article last year, I think, where the weekly paper reported local anarchists filling city potholes that city services never got to and it was only mildly perplexed/condescending.

@Dayglochainsaw @JohnBrownJr I also think just before I quit, there was some Twitter celeb who smirked at the notion of anarchists going to meetings and he got pounced on pretty good.

@JohnBrownJr "stupid lazy anarchists just don't want to work! They spend all their time, uh *checks notes* filling in potholes because the city won't."

@Dayglochainsaw I think it has gotten even simpler for me lately. โ€œI am tired I just want to make sure my commujebisbokay and then we can all take a nap.โ€๐Ÿ˜…

I've spent some time at a small anarchist community and everyone was super nice and the garden tending thing is very real. However I stopped going there because everyone was so, well.. radical. They were allways talking so violently about some oppressor and saying just super evil stuff. I'm a pacifist and all this talk of murdering/torturing the opressors and justifying revolutionary violance just creeps me out.

@logarithmic_function @Dayglochainsaw You don't think revolutionary violence is justified? I don't agree with torture, that's petty and doesn't create the kind of world we're working towards. I get that you're a pacifist, but if you're gonna make an omelette...

@logarithmic_function I feel like only self-defense is morally justified, but also it's barely even necessary to go out and pick fights. As soon as any anti-capitalist organization starts making headway and actually starts helping people, you can be sure as sunrise that The Powers That Be are going to send some brownshirts to kick your shit in. It's better optics to be on the defense anyway, no need to intentionally martyr yourself.

@Catty_Paddy @logarithmic_function
(Also, there's a reason anarchists stopped slinging bombs, namely that it didn't really work, caused a lot of sideways collateral damage, and generally made people more afraid of us and willing to demonize us than anything else.)

@Dayglochainsaw @logarithmic_function You're right. It's generally not the best strategy. There are occasions when it is, though. Like the November revolution.

@logarithmic_function I mean yeah, but that was over a hundred years ago, in a completely different political climate, in a completely different country. Things have changed. The bomb dropped on Hiroshima and turned war from a boxing match into a chess game. Conflict of all shades is deeply, irreversibly different. What worked then won't necessarily work now.

@Dayglochainsaw @logarithmic_function Yes, definitely. Yet, I think it's okay to be open minded and prepared, should opportunity present itself, or need arise. The right-wing has militia for a reason.

@logarithmic_function oh definitely, if fash comes a-calling theyre summarily getting their ass handed to them. It's why I do martial arts, you gotta be ready.

@Dayglochainsaw @logarithmic_function Nice. I've always wanted to, never had the time or money. What do you do?

@logarithmic_function did krav maga for a while, then kinda fell off the wagon when I moved. I've gotten back into it recently tho, and I still really like it!

@Dayglochainsaw @logarithmic_function That's exactly what I was interested in. You're inspiring me! Thank you

@logarithmic_function oh, krav maga is good as FUCK. I like it because it's very useful, most other forms of martial art are some percentage of sport, which is fine! But not to mince words, you're gonna use krav maga if you get jumped, need to get away, and need to beat the shit out of someone to a degree where they are unable to come after you when you run.

@Catty_Paddy @logarithmic_function
Also there's a lot of good stuff about how to disarm people with knives or guns and fight in crowds or tight spaces. Unfortunately, if you try and use something like aikido and your opponent has a gun or really any other sort of weapon, you're kind of up shit creek

@logarithmic_function I forget how much the old classes were, but the new ones are like $50 a month. I get a discount because I'm a student tho, and the new classes aren't all krav, they're a mix of a few different disciplines.

@Catty_Paddy @logarithmic_function
I get free access to the gym along with the classes tho, and they have trainers and stuff, so I can pretty much practice whenever.

@Dayglochainsaw don't mind me I'm gonna boost this toot every day until the end of time

@Dayglochainsaw this is exactly what @animeirl @DetectiveHyde & @shriekingmarxist does not want to comprehend. I don't need a state to tell me how to behave.
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