Throwback to when I was 12 and was throwing water balloons at passing cars due to boredom and I hit one in the windshield and it almost crashed and the lady driving the car got out and she was super mad and said she was going to tell my parents and I lied and said they weren't home, so she made me give her their number and I just gave her the number of a car dealership from a commercial that was always on, and she got back in her car and drove away and I don't think my parents ever found out

@Dayglochainsaw I always threw rocks at the kids who did this and generally started scuffles with them. Ur lucky I'm not ur big sister.

@Dayglochainsaw one time I threw this huge rock over outr garen wall... which the other side was a car park... in retrospect I was a dumb kid, BUT, they tried to claimed there had been an *accident* so I got away with it because it wasn't a car accident 😎

The day the car dealership got told off about water balloons...let us never forget

this toot hasn't aged well

i remember reading a story last week of teens throwing shit at cars, causing a driver to die and getting sentenced to prison

Wow, almost the exact same situation happened to me when I was a kid. The only difference is that I was throwing fucking rocks.
I didn't manage to hit her car, but she noticed I was trying and pulled over. Told her my parents weren't here, made up a number from scratch.
Great minds think alike.

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