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Broke: Parks and Recreation is a comedy because it's funny
Woke: Parks and Recreation is a tragedy because of Leslie Knope's sisyphean struggles to make change within a community mired by apathy
Bespoke: Parks and Recreation is a comedy because it demonstrates the absurdity of neoliberalism and the comic frustrations of its proponents when their ideology inevitably fails to connect with the working class

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Hey reminder that I post a lot more on @ELJ1 now so if you're not following me there you're effectively missing half the show

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Every time I remember this image exists it causes me to go absolutely Ape Shit

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Throwback to when I was 12 and was throwing water balloons at passing cars due to boredom and I hit one in the windshield and it almost crashed and the lady driving the car got out and she was super mad and said she was going to tell my parents and I lied and said they weren't home, so she made me give her their number and I just gave her the number of a car dealership from a commercial that was always on, and she got back in her car and drove away and I don't think my parents ever found out

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Remember naughty children, if you continue to make bad posts then The Scrombler will come into your room at night and scromble your bones

You know that thing about how the people you were surrounded by when you were young determines who you will be attracted to for the rest of your life. It's absolutely 100% true.

I'm a simple man with simple needs. I like girls that could kick me across a regulation football field and who have so much big dick energy it sets off geiger counters.

true punks DIY. farming is the most punk thing. it doesn't get any more DIY than growing your own food

Dresden Codak is a good ass comic btw y'all should read it

Kimiko Ross is my wife I just never get the chance to talk about her and it pains me greatly

This year was kind of a weird one for a lot of reasons and it was definitely hard as fuck at times but I feel like I've made a lot of progress in my life

alright theres gotta be SOMEONE out there with a kink for watching trans girls shave their calves and feet and the real question is who's gonna tell the sick fuck that i'll do it for a $50 google play gift card

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On Day 21 of Reply Guy History Month, I would like to honour one of the greatest reply guys in Western culture, Sancho Panza.

In the novel Don Quixote, Sancho serves as the titular character's faithful reply guy, providing him with inane commentary, obnoxious asides, and uninspired riffs. These are referred to as "sanchismos", which is Spanish for "replies".

Reading articles about what new shows are being added to Netflix this month feels like staring into the open grave of journalism

A weird consequence of how news media operates nowadays is that every few months we are guaranteed an article about the moon because journalists have realized that our monkey brains can't resist clicking on something labeled super blood wolf moon eclipse

Conservatives imitating leftists: I'm an America hating communist homosexual and I love to burn flags and suck dick

Actual leftists: all of this is literally true, I'd have said the same thing about myself


Leftists imitating conservatives: every day I pay an Ayn Rand impersonator to peg me while wearing an American Flag bodysuit because I love free speech


On one hand, I feel like I shouldn't let him keep running into the screen door like a confused dog....

But on the other hand it's really fucking funny

it's wild how all media and entertainment got consolidated under one roof and people mostly just said "wow Luke Skywalker and Spider-Man exist in the same universe"

I feel like this is the core conflict at the heart of all parenting. Should you be responsible and stop them, or should you continue letting your kids do stupid things that you find entertaining.

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