@norikawa oof yeah some friends were paining on me to make an alt on primal, and uhhh that character's doing stormblood now :blobcatgoogly:

@FirstProgenitor @kat oof, don't beat yourself up over it too much, for whatever reason level 40-50 dungeons seem to be a shithead magnet

@Deiru he also was heavily involved in sweet bro and hella jeff: the quest for the missing spoon

@Deiru he didn't "do" homestuck, but he at least wrote part of hiveswap

@ItsMorgan a terrible night for a curse, don't you think?

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I occasionally cause myself psychic damage

@moonybun I'm just not used to seeing him outside tumblr tbh

he's escaped containment

Am I a boy? Am I a girl?

who knows?

I sure don't. :blobmiou:

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gender thinking 

ffxiv shitpost 


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