y'know I don't trust anyone who builds an identity around samurai ideals

especially because those ideals were created during imperial japan to further nationalism, and don't actually have much historical precedent at all

@Zauberin I did a research paper on that, actually! _^

It was written by a statesmen who wanted to create a coherent sense of japanese national identity that would appeal to westerners, and he figured, why not use some of grandad's samurai stories

though he had a pretty thoroughly western education, and the west being the way that it was at the time... he kinda just made an orientalized chivalric code

but he wrote the book in both japanese and english and it caught on pretty well, so japan came to be accepted as part of the "civilized world" (though it was the age of imperialism so y'know)

the thing was, later on in life he was actually really disappointed by how his ideas got picked up by reactionaries

@Zauberin Nitobe Inazo was his name

I forget exactly where he was in life when he wrote it, but he went on to become a fairly accomplished diplomat

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