sat through a lecture of things i already know because i had a lab immediately afterwards i didn't want to miss

then the lab started and it was stuff i already know so i just left

@monorail but like

what if your class has 9 people in it

and there's a ping and your name disappears so it's obvious

and it's all recorded for evidence

@monorail i uh...

isn't it rude or something?

i just

idk perhaps im just so fucking ruined by this society's power dynamics that i'm just too afraid to make any decisions on my own because of fear of getting in trouble

@Kat @cdmnky @monorail like at worst they might mark you for missing too many classes if you do that a lot

college professors either respect your personal autonomy, or are not remotely invested enough to care


@Kat @cdmnky @monorail yeah, that's the only rough part, but fwiw I'm pretty sure I've had maybe one of those in like 3.5 years

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