imagine thinking first to third century 'Gnosticism' is a real thing and not a made up grouping

@CornishRepublicanArmy no idea what this means or is referring to but jade from homestuck had the username "gardenGnostic" so im required to be opposed to it

@lynnesbian basically, back when christianity was pretty new people were pretty fast and lose with what it all meant. gnostics are said to have believed that the Jewish god Yahweh who created the world and humans is evil and made us only to suffer. and the REAL God who's the father of Jesus and all that who created the whole universe and not just earth is the loving almighty god. in reality, things were never this neat and many people who wouldn't have agreed with what I just said at all were branded as gnostics because they agreed with some secondary beliefs. no 'gnostic' ever would have called themselves one, it was a term invented by people denouncing other theological lines of thinking as being heretical, there never was a 'gnosticism'. since then people have actually taken on the lies about gnosticism as 'no yeah, that's what I actually believe and I am a gnostic', but at the time na

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