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shark art, eye contact 

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I wanna become better friends with a lot of people, but I'm also pretty sure I'm a weird space alien who does not know how to maintain/initiate a social relationship

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I occasionally cause myself psychic damage

Am I a boy? Am I a girl?

who knows?

I sure don't. :blobmiou:

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gender thinking 

ffxiv shitpost 


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If you don’t want people to block your instance you should mayhaps, moderate your instance, so your users are not a danger to others

social anxiety 

I should work on my thesis but I kinda wanna just take sunday off

I think the system of "world servers" that is common in mmos is kinda jank tbh

ffxiv rogue quest 

I think I like the name Rowan, but sometimes I wonder if I should maybe be Robin :blobcatthinking:

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all this talk about like,
a grace
a morgan
a mika
a melia

has had me thinking about like, what "a jessica" character would be like, both in terms of literal actual me and idealized self. i've had some vague ideas so far but no like, definite examples. i tend to focus more on characters i admire more than ones i identify with, tbh

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