*exasperated suburban white mom voice*: yeah well if all your friends shided and farded and camed online, would you do that too?


anybody wanna give me a damage report from all the drama tonight I have no idea what the fuck is going on

mastodon is a muppets movie and eugen is the only character played by a human and not by a muppet

Fediverse get together despite our differences to scream and sing at the top of our lungs the “everybody knows shot sucks” song

this one doesn't even need to be copypasta edited from the original it just stands on its own

re: fedichive guy, archive of him losing it over "pc culture", general cw for him being a salty chud 

I love it* when fully grown men talk about their wives like a young child would talk about their mothers.

*I hate it

subtoot for nobody reading this, caps 

I wish you all the confidence of a gamer bro posting his shitty sniper montage online


Yoshi and Otto Von Bismark sitting in a tree!

re: fedichive, screenshot, slur, gab, GOT EM 

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