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trying to have important conversations with people but the cat has decided he needs 100% of my attention

When white people take something from another culture and attempt to extract the "philosophy" from the "religion," with no hint of someone from the tradition in sight, they are being appropriative. They don't like hearing it, but that's exactly what much of this boils down to. They would like to have a trump card to play against their critics that they feel is above reproach, and in "Eastern philosophy," they think, quite incorrectly, that they've found it.

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人乃天 事人如天

"The person is Heaven itself. Serve people as you would serve Heaven."

- Choi Jewoo, founder of the #Donghak religion that argued for the equality of all and opposed feudal discrimination and exploitation. He was executed in 1864, but the movement he founded became the basis of the Donghak Peasant Uprising of 1894. #history #philosophy #religion #Korea

idk how creators feel about but I personally like it because it structures the commission process for my socially anxious ass

is the queer experience becoming an impromptu therapist/relationship counselor because extant mental health institutions at large are extremely out of touch with the issues of you and your fellows?

kinda thinking about the not too far off future where I start looking for actual work, and what worries me is I'm not really sure what I'd be all that suited for


Is Lemon Demon pronounced Leemon Deemon or Lemmon Demmon?

fursona shitpost, food not vegan 

I saw a couple of spoonbills today :blobaww:

you tend to not see them very often this far up north

I've been doing a lot of shopping around in ffxiv trying to find out what kinds of jobs I like and don't like and the result has been just having a bunch of levels in everything :blobcatgoogly:

ffxiv shitpost 

casually thinking about reclassing from "monstergirl" to "monsterboy handler"

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