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partial ec, candy 

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Selfie, ec, high impact anime bullshit 

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re: Villainsona sheet, be gentle its my first time~ 

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Villainsona sheet, be gentle its my first time~ 

henlo yes give me games that let me be gay and trans

Border Collie Girls picks up a bunch of succubi at a bar and bullies them into getting back to work (alcohol?) 

Vodou’s intellectual and ethical framework teaches and advocates a self-sufficient, democratic, equalitarian, and egalitarian way of living in the world, holding every member of the community accountable for his or her actions. It has done so since the first humans appeared on the first continent we have known as home: Africa.” (2/2)

- Ms Dowoti Désir, Manbo Asogwe

#Afroindigenous #Indigenous #Vodou #Haiti #Africa #AfricanTraditionalReligion

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In related news I think I have the plot of an emotionally charged young adult novel, fresh from the astral plane

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I've work to do but all my body wants to do is sleep and have weird dreams

CW drawn eyecontact
werewolf girl!
all the same werewolf girl
i still have not gotten used to it okay?

Okay this art is absolutely amazing! Done by !!!!

It reminds me of my old days of rock climbing and canyoneering.

the reason talking in meatspace is so bad? theres no courtesy fav feature

Food, cheffin' 

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Food, fishing 

Enraged people of Hubei province attack cops and riot after being prevented from leaving 

i'm gonna give 100% at work today! haha april fool's capitalism needs to burn to the fucking ground and i am going to light the match

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