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shark art, eye contact 

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I wanna become better friends with a lot of people, but I'm also pretty sure I'm a weird space alien who does not know how to maintain/initiate a social relationship

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partial ec, candy 

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re: Villainsona sheet, be gentle its my first time~ 

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vtuber thoughts 

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vtuber thoughts 

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mori calliope sang black parade

and come to think of it, that is probably the least surprising thing I can conceive of

kanzen houki sengen is both the exact energy I need in my life right now, but also the exact opposite

is it just me or do tumblr and fedi have similar, yet very distinct forms of brain poisoning associated with the respective sites

modernity negativity 

I should probably sleep, but I feel like I need closure for the day

anyway I think it might be cool if I knew my place in the world instead of desperately grasping at anything to find a niche for myself

sometimes the pointless activities you do just to keep yourself occupied actually do help you vent some of your frustrations, so that's neat

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The best part of actually liking the skin of a kiwi is seeing people’s reactions when you bite into one

I feel like it's good to have multiple accounts for multiple purposes for a lot of reasons

but I also have trouble juggling more than one account :blobmiou:

I think there's a lot I think I want/need to learn about the world and myself, but I'm not sure what those things are

for honor is probably the best "sword game" I've played

but it's also an ubisoft game, and painfully edgy to boot so it's impossible to say whether its good or not

time is so weird

what do you mean it's time to start christmas shopping, thanksgiving was three days ago, I'm not even done with finals yet :blobcat0_0:

on a scale of "just a cat" to "vtuber persona" how convoluted is your fursona?

i like a lot of japanese music, but it's kinda frustrating because it seems like a lot of artists don't do digital releases?

not right away anyway

and you gotta buy a pretty expensive physical cd and wait for it to come in from overseas :blobugh:

bodily fluids, gross 

I honestly don't have any idea what games seem all that interesting to me anymore

though I picked up code vein and hiveswap act 2 while they were on sale, those seem fun

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