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re: Villainsona sheet, be gentle its my first time~ 

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Villainsona sheet, be gentle its my first time~ 

i don't use ANY apps that use electron. this is difficult, as entire computer use electron for power, and i have suspicion that computer also made of particles that contain electron (pesky atom)

why am I older than so many people on this website y'all seem so much better adjusted than me holy shit

alc ment 

skidaddle skidackslapper
your dick is now a backslapper

*in person who's into cuckold singing my house by flo rida voice* please sir fuck my spouse

cosplay help request, selfie no ec, not captioned 

only a little ranty 

g-g-ghoulfriends!!! (I decided on naming the vampire Des/Desmona and the werewolf Birch!)

#mastoart #creativetoots #halloween

re: lewd, hypnokink 

lewd, hypnokink 

if you have stability, give it to people who don't have it. please.

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